buggyThe Amish

Step out of your door and you will find Amish country. The Amish moved in from across the U.S and have made Ethridge their home. A short trip down the road and you will find a mulitude of things to see. You can visit with the Amish and buy fruits and vegetables grown here local. Things you need to know when you visit  


david crockett 1Crocket State Park

Travelers seeking an off the beaten path, destination with fascinating glimpses of our nation's heritage will find Lawrence County is a idea place to visit. David crockett called Lawrence County home and a beautiful state park here bears his name.

mule day

Day, Columbia TN

Day in Columbia Tennessee has been a tradition since around 1840. The highlight of the Mule Day festivies in the Mule Day Parade. The Parade is held on Saturaday, entries are judged and cash prizes and ribbons are awarded in seveal categories Visit www.muleday.com for more information




D. Vaughan

The James D. Vaughan Museum is a fitting tribute to the founder of Southern Gospel Music. The museum has drawn vistors 

from all over the world and has been featured in national magazines and on tevision specials Visit click here



Summertown Bluegrass Reunion

All you bluegrass enthusuasts come join the fun in Lawrance County for the Summertown Bluegrass Reunion. There is live music, dancing, crafts, instument vendors, contests, and good food and there are lots of shade trees to relax under and listen to the jamming. Visit click here


Dixie Antique

Crossroads of Dixie Antique Tractor Engine Show

The annual Crossroads of Dixie Antique Tractor and Engine Show has become the largest and popular tractor show in the Southeast. Visit click here.